DM-100H Digital TV (DVB-T) Receiver
Free Digital TV System for you

This DVB-T receiver is professional designed for receiving free Digital TV signals. Industry Standard for 24/7 working request,it is suitable for small own-built TV system such as Hotel, School,Apartment, Building and Hospital.

MD-500 Agile Modulator
Convert any AV signal into RF signal as a TV channel frequency

The MD-500 Agile Modulator is a DSB ( Double-Sideband ) modulator to modulate any analog A/V signal to RF ( Radio Frequency ) signal. The same concept as TV channels, one new RF signal is one new TV channel. You can combine CCTV camera, Satellite Rec...

AVM-138 Single Channel TV Modulator
Build your CCTV monitoring into TV system

The AVM-138 is a compact channel modulator that will modulate audio and video signals onto a TV channel. You can combine this new channel and distribute it throughout the home by existing coaxial cable. Just tune your TV to the channel you have chose...

AVM-1499 Lower frequency TV channel Modulator
Specially designed for lower frequency channels

AVM-1499 is a TV channel Modulator specially designed for NTSC TV system on CH14-16 & CH96-99.

DM-100S Agile Demodulator
Convert any RFsignal back to AV signal for recording or monitoring

DM-100S is a professional designed Demodulator to work with modulator. Demodulate any RF signal back to A/V signal within 50~860MHz. DM-100S provides not only excellent quality but also convenient installation..



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