RF-1000 Cable transmitter/ cable receiver

Max. 16 cameras up to 1000 meters

RF-1000 Cable Transmitter/ Cable Receiver is designed for CCTV system to transmit all 16 cameras by only one coaxial cable up to 1000 meters. It saves not only cable, time and labor cost but earns the excellent performance for CCTV itself. Attractively, it is also an effective way to do extending cameras. Saving lots of cable installation and drilling holes all over building.

  • Multiple cameras

    16 cameras are all-in-one coaxial cable

  • Long distance

    1000 meters without any difficulty

  • Excellent quality

    Keep the video well as camera captured

  • Easy installation

    Using one coaxial cable for all cameras

  • Flexible application

    Existing cable is available

  • Extending cameras

    Using exist cable doing cameras entended

Video SignalNTSC / PAL both available
ConnectorVideo - BNC connector / Audio - RCA connector
Power SupplyDC 7.5~12V / 100mA
Dimension118mm(L) x 86mm(W) x 32mm(H)
Power SupplyDC 7.5 ~12V / 300mA
Dimension161mm(L) x 118mm(W) x 32mm(H)

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