RF-8W 8-Way RF Splitter

8 in 1 out / 1 in 8 out for RF signals

RF-8W is a broadband RF splitter with professional quality. For CCTV system, it also used as RF combiner to combine all RF signals. The differences from others are low-loss and no interference.

  • Excellent quality with full frequency range 5 - 1000MHz

  • Hight isolation

  • Low Insertion Loss / no interference

  • Excellent performance for RF signals

  • Balanced (Equal Loss on All Ports) Design

Insertion Loss (dB)11
Isolation (dB) 24
Connectors (all ports) "F" Female
Impedance (all ports) 75Ω
Frequency Range 5-1000 MHz
Dimension127mm(L) x 58mm(W) x 40mm(H)

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